Female health plan member calls Customer Service

A woman on the phone says she doesn't know what to do—she's in a bad state of mind. She's been having a lot of depression and anxiety and needs to find a therapist. But she doesn't know where to start and can't figure out how to tell who's in her network.

"Gotcha—okay," says Allie on the Customer Service team. She guides the member through creating an account at regence.com, where she can use the Find a Doctor tool. "You can type in 'mental health' and then click on search," Allie says. Immediately, a list of mental health providers in the member's area pops up.

Any provider on this list, Allie explains to her, is considered in-network. "What that means is you're gonna get the best benefit for these providers," Allie says.

The member is glad she doesn't have to make multiple calls to find an in-network provider. She sighs with relief.

Customer Service number

Customer Serve team member, Allie

Therapy from the comfort of home

Although this member called in looking for a provider, Allie on the Customer Service team also shares how the member's benefits can help.  

"I want to show you something else," Allie says to her. "It's called your telehealth benefit."

Allie explains that it's having a virtual doctor visit over the phone or video chat. After requesting an appointment, a doctor calls you back, "usually within a half hour to an hour … Then you can have a conversation with the mental health provider through the app, like FaceTime, or over the phone," Allie says.

The member needs medication for her anxiety and depression, and Allie confirms that telehealth providers can send a prescription to your local pharmacy.

"Then, the only time you have to leave your house is to go pick up your prescription," Allie adds.

The member is relieved and thanks Allie.

"You're welcome," Allie replies. "That's what we're here for. You take care."

We're here to help

When you have questions or concerns about your health plan or getting access to care, call Customer Service at the number on the back of your member ID card.

Learn more about telehealth, and how it's a good option for mental health treatment. Or, to get started using your personalized tools like Find a Doctor, register on regence.com.