Fearless is fatherhood

Fearless is fatherhood


Being a dad isn’t always easy. But it always requires being fearless. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked dads to tell us what being a parent means to them.

Fatherhood means going the extra mile…

About two years ago, before our daughter moved to Nicaragua to teach third graders, she and I trained for her first half-marathon. We ran that half-marathon the December before she moved.

Throughout the entire race, we pushed each other, and my goal was just to be there for her, encouraging her to finish the race. In January, she moved to Nicaragua without knowing anyone. She had a contract to teach for a year, and every time she would feel down, depressed or frustrated, she would remember our race. And she would remember to push through and go the extra mile.

I feel one of the best things I can do as a father is to prepare my children for the reality of the world they will encounter each and every day and teach them how to take everything thrown at them in stride.

Push through. Go the extra mile. And have a little fun. Before you know it, you’ll be at the finish line celebrating with the people you love the most.

—Tim C.

Making memories...

The day before my dad passed away, I told him that the earliest and happiest memory I had was of wrestling with him on the floor when I was little. That memory is why I live fearless as a biological parent, foster parent, and scout leader trying to live and create as many of those moments as possible for my kids.

—Henry R.

And letting go

Giving our daughter the space and freedom to explore new emotions and experiences makes us fearless parents.

—Brad T.

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