Michelle C: Hope and purpose

Michelle C: Hope and purpose


I’ve been told for years that I should write a book about my life. It’s been a roller coaster, with many highs and many lows. One of the biggest lows came two and a half years ago when my husband got the news that his kidneys were functioning at only 20% capacity. Being a diabetic since the age of nine had wreaked havoc on his body, and his kidneys were quickly deteriorating. Hearing the words “simultaneous pancreas/kidney transplant” for the first time absolutely devastated us. The thoughts that ran through our minds literally took us to our knees. We started to question everything and to look at life through a new lens.

Now, we live each day with joy and purpose. Waking up with a sense of renewal that today might be the day that changes our lives forever. And we pray for the family that will have to make the hard but loving decision to place their loved one on the transplant donor list. The love and support we have received from our family members, coworkers, health care providers, transplant team and the University of Washington have been overwhelming. My husband will live a long and happy life because of our health care community’s dedication to excellence. We continue to remain fearless, and try to understand our purpose in this journey called life.

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