Annette S: Go fearless or go home

Annette S: Go fearless or go home


I’m a single mother to a 5-year old daughter. I work extremely hard in everything I take on. To finance my passion for running, I regularly work overtime and have even picked up a second job on the weekends.

Two years ago, I set a goal to run my first marathon before turning 40. I’m happy to say that I did it, and haven’t looked back since. Since then, I’ve run another marathon and 11 half marathons. This doesn’t include the multitude of other races I’ve competed in just for fun. But my biggest accomplishment of all so far was competing in my first ever Spartan Sprint. My motto is: “Why not? I’m already doing the burpees anyway!”

How do I live fearless? I believe that with a positive attitude, perseverance and hard work, you can overcome any obstacle.

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