Kelly T: Fearless warrior

Kelly T: Fearless warrior


I’m a warrior woman, a name given to me by my mother when I was young—and that I still have to this day. I am also an “Endo warrior,” as I’ve been fighting a chronic, debilitating disease called endometriosis for the past 30 years. In the 10 years I’ve worked at Regence, I’ve had seven surgeries—the most recent one just this past September.

Through it all, I try to be fearless. As a single parent to my daughter, I demonstrate to her that you can accomplish anything you want. That not allowing fear into your decision-making allows your dreams to soar. She reminded me of that a few times when my fear tried to overtake me. And we both set fear aside seven years ago when we decided to adopt a newborn baby—bringing a whole new meaning of fearless into our lives!

I continue to show my children the benefits of living fearless as I struggle through a disease, being a single mom and any other frightening things life throws at me. I want to have memories of love and laughter when I’m old and grey—not memories of not doing things because I was afraid.

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