Lisa M: Exercising for mental health

Lisa M: Exercising for mental health


My two sisters passed away within four years, both of drug overdoses. It devastated our entire family. I went into depression for several years, using my insurance to get counseling and anti-depressants. It was the only way to function without crying all the time. I gained 30 pounds during this time as well. By November of 2016, I had enough of the way I was feeling. I needed to try something else to feel better.

One of my sisters and I used to work out together, but I didn't feel comfortable going back to that gym because of all the memories. So, I joined a different gym and started going several times a week. I significantly reduced the quantity of anti-depressants I was taking. The best part was my energy and the way I felt. Exercise really is one of the best things for mental health. I lost that 30 pounds and I did it naturally. I lowered my cholesterol level, which is perfect now.

I continue to exercise and have been told I inspire others. I mostly did it for my own well-being, but if I can help others along the way, that's great. I truly believe in preventive care and exercise.

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