Individual and family plans

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Your health plan should meet both your health care and budget needs, so don't choose one based on price alone. The way you expect to use health care over the next year is just as important.

Three elements of coverage

Understand the three elements of health coverage

PLAN: The benefits that cover your care before and after you pay the deductible—some plans are rich (cover care at a higher level) and others are lean (cover care at a lower level).

NETWORK: The doctors, facilities and specialists we've contracted with to provide care to our members at a discounted price.

COST-SHARING: How you and Regence divide the cost of your care. The deductible and coinsurance options you choose affect your monthly premium.

We set our standards high—all our plans offer these benefits

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Talk with doctors by phone or video chat—it's usually less expensive and more convenient if you need help with a common condition.

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Preventive care

All of our plans cover a wide range of in-network preventive services, including your annual physical. That means no copay and no deductible!

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10 essential benefits

You're covered for all of these benefits, which include maternity and newborn care, ER services, rehabilitation, prescriptions and more!

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With mail-order and thousands of pharmacies to choose from, we make getting your prescription drugs easy.

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Stay in network and keep more money in your wallet

That's why we have networks of providers who've agreed to care for you at a discounted rate.

When you choose doctors, specialists or facilities outside your network, you'll have much higher out-of-pocket costs. So maximize your health care dollars by staying in your network.

Which cost-sharing level is right for you?

Consider how you use health care to find your best fit.

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What's a health savings account (HSA) and is it a good choice for you?

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Save with an EPO if you stay in network

Exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans only cover in-network care. That means you are responsible for 100 percent of the costs for any out-of-network care (excluding emergency services). Premiums are typically lower than a comparable PPO plan.

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