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We want to help you get quality care and make informed choices about how you spend your health care dollars. Here are a few quick tips for effectively using all the benefits that come with your health insurance.

  1. Register. When you register on this site, you can sign in to check your claims, view your benefits, and get your explanation of benefits statements (EOBs) online. Signing in also makes it easier to find a doctor in your network, chat with Customer Service and use other helpful tools just for members. You'll find all these resources on the Member dashboard when you sign in.
  2. Take advantage of preventive care benefits. Prevention is the best medicine. As a Regence member, your health insurance covers the cost of many preventive services. This includes mammograms, pap smears, cholesterol screenings, colonoscopies, immunizations, depression screenings and more. Check the Preventive care list to see which services are covered for you and your family.
  3. Estimate your costs. Avoid financial surprises by planning ahead. The Treatment Cost Estimator can help you make smart decisions about services, treatments or surgeries your doctor recommends. You can compare prices for different facilities located near you, and the information is tailored to your plan. The cost of an X-ray, MRI or lab test can vary greatly, depending on where you go.
  4. Use your Advantages discounts. Our Advantages program—included with your insurance plan—offers savings on vision and hearing care, gym memberships, weight management and even pet care. Check the discounts to see how we can help you save.
  5. Make healthier choices using the wellness tools. Looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle? With our wellness tools, you can take a health assessment to help you find out how healthy you are right now. You can also sign up for online workshops, download healthy recipes and track your exercise—all while earning reward points toward a $25 gift card each year you participate. *
  6. Get advice and support through member programs. Ever wish you had someone to help you lose weight, quit smoking or manage your diabetes (or other chronic conditions)? We have case managers who can help you do just that! If it's after hours and you're not feeling well or you have a medical question, our registered nurses are ready to take your call, 24/7. And all that personal support is included as part of your insurance—no extra costs or fees.*
  7. Stay covered while traveling. Taking a trip? The BlueCard national provider network gives you almost the same benefits as you get when you're at home. You can feel secure knowing that you have access to doctors wherever you go—BlueCard has your back.

* Note: These programs may not be offered with your plan. Check your benefits booklet or contact us to find out.