Employees who have registered on regence.com can sign in and use Find a doctor to get results that are personalized to their networks and benefits. Find a doctor is available on the website and on the iPhone and Android apps—convenient for on-the-go health care needs.
Or, they can use the quick search without signing in—they should be sure to select their networks before searching.
Find a doctor makes it easy to:
  • Search by name, specialty or condition
  • Compare providers, review quality information and read reviews of doctors
  • Get driving directions and provider contact information

Using Find a doctor to stay in network

Networks go beyond doctors and hospitals. We negotiate discounts for your employees on many kinds of health care services, including imaging, lab work, medical equipment and prescriptions.
By signing in before using Find a doctor, employees can be sure they are selecting providers and services that have the highest coverage with their benefits. Not certain? They can always call the Customer Service number on their member ID cards.

Instructions for employees