We're excited to announce that a new and improved online member experience has launched. myRegence.com and regence.com have become one site: regence.com. Employees will use regence.com to access their benefits, claims, and all their member information. Take a quick tour of the new experience on the member website, and read on to get answers to your questions.

Why this change?

The site is faster, more streamlined and better organized so that members can easily find information. The features your employees used most are not going away—they've just gotten better.

When did the change take place?

The new site launched July 21. Any members who go to myRegence will be redirected to regence.com, where they can sign in and access all of their information.

Do my employees need to create a new account?

No. Employees who had already registered on myRegence are still registered, and can continue using their existing user name and password to access their personal information on the new site.

What will be different?

We've launched updated versions of the tools your employees use most. Some highlights:

  • A new member dashboard, designed to provide an overview of key information
  • Simplified views of claims, benefits, coverage  and electronic Explanation of Benefits statements
  • A benefit summary of how much coverage has been used, and what's remaining
  • A more robust general health assessment (GHA)
  • Improved wellness programs
  • An updated rewards program with the same opportunity to earn a $25 annual gift card

Not all lesser-used features were carried over for this launch, but many will be restored or added throughout 2014 and beyond.

What are the changes to online wellness tools?

Enhancements include a new general health assessment with a Risk Advisor tool to help members manage their health risks; enhanced wellness programs with topics that match our former programs; and new health and wellness trackers to help members stay on track with their goals.

What happened to the wellness information stored in myRegence.com?

Past general health assessments, wellness program history, and rewards history details will not be available on the new site. Your employees will start with a clean slate.

Will Regence rewards points transfer to the new site?

Yes. Wellness activities carried out since the last award are still credited toward earning the next $25 annual gift card, or for new registrants, their first award.

If my employees were in the middle of wellness programs, can they complete them on the new site?

No, but they can join a new program that is similar to the one they were participating in. We look forward to hearing what members think about the new programs.

Did any features go away?

Yes, some features were not carried forward. These include the personal health record (PHR), the site map, the site FAQ and the Events page. My Community is temporarily unavailable and will return by the end of the year.

What will happen to myRegence?

The myRegence.com URL, logo and branding have been retired. Any visitors to the website will be redirected to regence.com.

Will Personal Health Records (PHR) transfer to the new site?

No. We sent messages to all members with PHRs alerting them that they were going away, and provided simple instructions on downloading their records.

Should I change the myRegence.com URLs and logo on my promotional materials (website, wellness materials, etc.)?

Yes. Identify where you use the logo and URLs and replace them with the regence.com URL and logo. Moving forward, anyone who uses the myRegence.com URL will be redirected to regence.com.

What if I am promoting online wellness programs?

myRegence wellness programs were replaced with new programs. Members no longer have access to their online wellness program history.

What if I am running a general health assessment (GHA) drive?

The old GHA was replaced with a more robust GHA, and members no longer have access to their GHA history. Members were instructed to save past GHAs by downloading the PDF, and printing or saving it to their personal computers. Members could have also printed their Rewards statement to show proof of completion.

How will this change affect wellness reporting?

Wellness reporting will continue to be offered only to groups that have purchased the Vitality Wellness product. However, the Wellness team is researching how to automate wellness reporting for a broader audience. Updates will be provided to your account executive after these details are finalized.

How do the changes to the online wellness programs affect my Vitality product?

At launch, all members will have access to a robust set of online wellness workshops and tools. Groups that have purchased the Vitality wellness product will have access to a larger number of online wellness programs and tools. Contact your Vitality representative to learn more.