Discover powerful benefit management solutions for employers

Our online tools make doing business with Regence a little bit easier. Whether you're enrolling new members, making payments or gaining insight into how employees are using their benefits, these solutions make it faster and simpler to get things done.

Manage enrollment, eligibility and benefits

Online enrollment is available to groups on Regence medical or dental plans. It's flexible, easy to use and saves you time.

  • Eliminate paper—no forms, faxing or waiting
  • Easily update employee coverage for major life events, such as adding a newborn or spouse
  • Terminate coverage for an existing employee
  • Find out if your employees are actively insured and which plan they're using
  • View and download online benefit books and summary plan descriptions
  • Order updated or replacement Member ID Cards

Manage billing

Now paying your bill is even easier with online bill pay. Using e-billing, you can:

  • Pay online or print invoices
  • Make a one-time automatic withdrawal from your bank account
  • View payments made on your account

Employer reporting

Our system offers dynamic reporting and data analysis, time-saving tools and resources to help you make informed health plan decisions. It allows you to control how reporting is grouped and filtered, and gives you control over which data elements are reported together. Use our standard reports to evaluate your health care utilization and costs, then tailor the reports to focus on metrics that mean the most to you. You can also build your own ad-hoc reporting. No matter how a report is created, you can drill into the details to identify and track utilization and cost trends.

  • Standard reports: Use our pre-built standard report templates to quickly get the most commonly reported employer data.
  • Customization: Get your data the way you want it. Modify one of our standard reports or create your own. Choose what data is displayed, select your filters and choose between a table data view and multiple chart views.
  • Exporting: Export multiple reports or just a section into Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF formats.
  • Archives: Standard reports are automatically archived within the system so you can see how your data looks at a particular point in time. You can also choose to archive your custom reports.
  • Report sharing: You can share your custom reports with other Employer Center users at your company, your producer (if applicable) and with Regence staff. You can stop sharing your reports at any time.

Note: Employer reporting is only available to groups with 100 members or more (Oregon, Utah, Idaho) or 150 members or more (Washington).

ASO: Claims and benefit inquiry

Administrative Services Only (ASO) programs can get instant online access to employees' claims and eligibility information and avoid time-consuming calls. Using the claims and benefits inquiry, you can:

  • View employee and family coverage start and stop dates
  • See what products your employees are enrolled in
  • View the claims history, including claim date, claim status, what insurance paid and the member responsibility
  • View medical and dental deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and see what's been used

Additional features

Employer Center includes many other benefits:

  • Member eligibility look-up
  • Downloadable enrollment forms and group administrator manuals
  • UpSide do-it-yourself wellness campaigns
  • Industry news articles and whitepapers
  • Secure communications with Regence
  • Site administrator tools

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