Add some healthy habits to your lifestyle!

We make it easy with wellness programs, tools and rewards.

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How healthy are you?

Start your wellness journey by assessing where you are. When you complete your General Health Assessment, you'll get personalized results that include recommendations for healthier living.


Work your way to a healthier you

Participate in online workshops on a wide variety of topics, including stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, preventive care and more!  

Get rewards

Engaging in healthier habits can help you earn incentives!


Plan to succeed with fitness routines and exercise planning

  • Get exercise plans designed to help you get into shape, created by a team of professional trainers. Programs include walking, boot camp, cardio, fat burning, strength training and workouts to get you ready for cycling, skiing, golf and more.
  • Not sure how to do certain exercises? See examples of how to perform them correctly before you try them yourself.
  • Log your exercise to track your progress and reach your goals.
  • Track your food intake and get nutritional information to help you meet your wellness goals.

Check out the Health Library

Need to learn about a health condition, medication or treatment?  Or just looking to become healthier in general? The Health Library offers resources and support materials to help you on your health journey.
  • Decision Points tool: When you need to make health decisions but aren't sure which path is right for you, Decision Points can help guide you. It combines medical information with your personal values to help you make an informed choice.
  • Symptom Checker: Feeling a little off but not sure if you should go to the doctor?  Use the Symptom Checker to get some additional information before making that call. 
  • Articles and videos: We offer a wide variety of health and wellness topics that may be important to you. 


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