Overweight and pregnant

The myth of eating for two is over.

Breast cancer: Early detection is your best protection

Knowing the risk factors and your family health history, and keeping up with regular exams and screenings can improve one’s chances of surviving the disease.

Vaccinations during pregnancy

What you need to know about shots if you're planning—or having—a baby.

Breastfeeding: Good for baby, you and your wallet

Breastfeeding helps your baby's health, your well-being and is covered by most health insurance plans.

Preventive care

An ounce of prevention comes with no copay.

When to get your Pap test

Regular Pap and HPV screenings help catch cervical cancer. Women 21 and older should get routinely tested.

Cancer screening saves lives

Preventive screening is key to detecting cancer early, when it's easiest and most effective for you to fight.

Why women neglect their health

Some women are great at taking care of others but not so great at taking care of themselves.

Autoimmune diseases in women

Women in general, especially minority women, are at risk for these diseases.

Severe periods

How to stop your period from stopping you.

Lift your libido

Menopause, relationship troubles and more can lead to a reduced sex drive. Here's what you can do to get your groove back.

Health risks in menopause

Challenges some women face during "the change of life."