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Our IVR system offers physicians, dentists, other health care professionals, facilities and their staff quick and easy access to member information via phone. Call our Provider Contact Center to access eligibility and claims-related information.

Note: IVR does not include the following: eligibility for dental and vision; benefits; or, Medicare Advantage, BlueCard® or Federal Employee Program (FEP) phone numbers. The information that is available via IVR is also available online via our secure portals.


Use your phone keypad to enter the touch-tone options or speak the voice options listed below.

Note: Information about multiple members or multiple providers can be obtained in a single session. When checking multiple members or using more than one tax ID number, the prompting options and order of options will change. Please listen carefully to the touch-tone or voice options.

Type of inquiry Coverage type Touch-tone option Voice option Information required
Claim status Medical, dental and vision 1 "Claims" 
  • Provider tax ID
  • Member ID  number
  • Patient's date of birth
  • Date of service or date range of claim
Eligibility Medical only 2 "Eligibility"
  • Provider tax ID
  • Member ID number
  • Patient's date of birth

Helpful hints

  • You can say "agent", "repeat that", "main menu", "goodbye" or "help" at anytime.
  • The system will only accept your tax ID number. Please do not enter your National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • If you know the option you want, you can key or speak it without listening to the entire prompt.