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Regence works with independent companies to deliver top-notch services to our members. These companies have limited authorization to communicate to our members for their contracted services.

AIM Specialty Health

Regence works with AIM Specialty Health to promote radiology screening services for our members, which focus on options that are appropriate, safe and cost effective.

eviCore healthcare (formerly CareCore)

Regence works with eviCore healthcare to make sure we use evidence-based guidelines to evaluate benefits that require pre-authorization. Our goal is to improve your quality of care and outcomes of treatment, while reducing unneeded medical treatment and costs.

Trover Solutions

Regence works with Trover Solutions to verify information with members when it's suspected that received care, covered by Regence, may have been the result of an accident or injury. Trover investigates the cause of the claim and, if another party is responsible for the cost of the care, recovers the amount that Regence paid on members' behalf.