We encourage you to read and share the following women's health articles with your patients.

Women's preventive care: Stay healthier and save money

This article encourages members to visit their provider for preventive care services and includes a link to a comprehensive list of the preventive care services covered under Federal Reform.

When to get a pap test

Cervical cancer screening, including HPV testing (for women 30 and over) and Pap smears, is covered with no copay when our members use an in-network provider. This article focuses on cervical cancer prevention and early detection. It includes a cervical cancer fact sheet, information about HPV for teens and preteens, and health risks in menopause.

Breast cancer screening

This article highlights breast cancer risk factors and information about screening.

Women and heart attack

The symptoms of a heart attack are different for women. This article focuses on how to spot the signs of a heart attack and tips for members to keep their hearts healthy.