Statement of Consent to Electronic Delivery

What does consent to "electronic delivery" mean?

It means that you agree to access important documents, such as explanation of benefits statements (EOBs), online, instead of by U.S. Mail. It means fewer envelopes in your mailbox and 24-hour access to all of your important health care information.

As part of creating a secure online account at or on the mobile application ("App"), you can "go paperless" and receive documents electronically. Each time a new communication is delivered electronically to your personal account, you'll be notified through the electronic delivery method that you choose (such as email address or push notification for App, as available). You can change your preferred notice method at any time.

What documents will I receive electronically?

Regence is required to send you certain important documents, like EOBs, either by mail, or electronically with your (or in some cases, your employer's) consent. By signing up for electronic delivery, you agree that the following kinds of documents can be sent electronically to you and any covered dependents, now or as they become available in the future for electronic delivery:

(i) a copy of your insurance policy or benefit booklet;

(ii) notices of enrollment and/or effective date;

(iii) explanation of benefits (EOBs);

(iv) acknowledgements of receipt of claims, requests for additional information related to claims and notices of associated delays in processing, and determinations on submitted claims (e.g., EOBs, preauthorization or concurrent care decisions);

(v) general informational disclosures required by law, including but not limited to notices of rights under the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, state patient protection acts, and privacy laws;

(vi) communications regarding complaints, grievances, or appeals, including but not limited to acknowledgements of receipt, requests for additional information and notices of associated delays, and notices of determinations;

(vii) summaries of benefits and coverage and uniform glossary of terms;

(viii) notices of benefit changes or policy modifications;

(ix) renewal information;

(x) notices of discontinuation;

(xi) notices of termination and continuation coverage rights;

(xii) certificates of creditable coverage (where required); and

(xiii) billing notices and statements.

How do I update my email address?

You can sign in and go to My account or use the App at any time to update your email address, or you can call Customer Service.

What if I want a paper copy of a document?

  • If you have a printer connected to your device, you can print from your account at any time.
  • You may also request a paper copy by calling Customer Service, using the number on your member ID card.
  • You may withdraw your consent to electronic delivery and receive paper delivery of all documents at any time and without charge through your account or by contacting Customer Service. Paper delivery by U.S. Mail will occur within a reasonable time (not to exceed 30 days) after you request it.
  • Regence may still elect to send you a paper copy of any communication (in addition to electronic) despite your consent to receive it electronically.

What are the requirements for my system?

  • To access your account online using the Site you must have an up-to-date browser from those listed below:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Google Chrome
  • If accessing your account using the App, you must be on a supported Apple iOS mobile operating system as specified in the App store or on a supported Android mobile operating system as specified in Play Store.
  • You must provide us with a valid email address and have access to that email address.
  • You must have an up-to-date device or devices (e.g., computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) suitable for connecting to the Internet or for downloading the App.
  • To view electronic communications you must have software that enables you to view files in Portable Document Format ("PDF").
  • To print you must have a printer connected to your device.

Last updated 10/01/2019