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  • View onboarding tasks or credentialing and contracting status
  • Verify member eligibility and benefits
  • Submit claims and check claims status (required)
  • Enroll for electronic funds transfer (EFT) (required)
  • Submit appeals and check appeals status
  • View requests for claim attachments and submit documentation
  • View medical pre-authorization requirements and submit requests
  • View electronic remittance advice (ERA)
  • Obtain an estimate of patient costs for professional medical and dental services
  • Access reimbursement schedules and other pricing documents
  • Access helpful applications and forms
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Billing service registration

If you use a billing service to submit medical or dental claims or collect payments on your behalf, you can choose from two registration options:

Register as a Provider and assign access (this is the easiest and fastest way to register):

  1. A provider registers with Availity
  2. Provider assigns Primary Access Administrator (PAA) or PAA Assistant access to the billing service manager
  3. The billing service adds their staff as users

Billing service registers and the provider signs agreement:

  1. The billing service registers with Availity Essentials for the provider(s) they submit claims for
  2. Availity Essentials sends an agreement to the provider to sign and return. Note: This method takes longer because signed paperwork must be returned to Availity

Register with Availity Essentials

Availity tips

View our tips for using Availity Essentials applications and resources, including eligibility and benefits inquiry, claims status inquiry, remittance viewer, authorizations application, estimating patient costs or viewing reimbursement schedules.

View Availity tips on our Self-Service Tool.

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Need help?

Find help, training or outage information by:

  • Clicking the Help & Training link in the Availity portal menu
  • Calling Availity Client Services: 1 (800) AVAILITY or 1 (800) 282-4548
  • Creating an eTicket or starting an online chat: Availity Essentials: Help & Training>Availity Support>Contact Support

Availity is a separate and independent company that provides secure access to eligibility, benefits and claims-related information for Regence members.