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Regence Advantages & discounts

It’s easy for members to take charge of their health with Regence Advantages. Members and their families can save on the health-related products and services they need most, including fitness devices, gym memberships, allergy relief and more—plus, 20% off Walgreens brand over-the-counter health and wellness products. We expand our discounts and offers all the time, so members should check back often! They just need to sign in and select the categories below to see more detailed discount information.

Helping members stay healthy and save


Activities & fitness

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Allergy relief


Alternative medicine

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Fertility services

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Financial well-being

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Funeral planning


Health and wellness products


Healthy meals


Hearing aids

Paw print

Pet care


Vision care and LASIK

This discount program is not insurance—it’s offered along with our medical plans at no additional charge to help members take charge of their health.

Some vendors may include separate fees. Regence is independent from the companies that provide these products and services. Regence does not endorse or guarantee the products and services offered or their effectiveness. Regence reserves the right to change the program at any time without prior notice.