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Fax numbers to provide medical records information:

Type of notification

Fax number

Inpatient behavioral health

1 (888) 496-1540

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Long-term acute care

1 (855) 848-8220

Inpatient hospital

1 (800) 453-4341

View reimbursement schedules with Availity’s fee schedules app

With Availity's fee schedules app, it's easy to check facility and non-facility fees for all standard medical reimbursement schedules. You can enter up to 20 procedure codes/modifiers per request or you can enter a range of procedure codes and receive up to 50 results (including all available fees with modifiers). The fee results you’ll receive are based on the month you are searching for beginning January 1, 2020 and forward and can be exported to a .csv file.

The fee schedules app is now available on the Availity Provider Portal in the Claims & Payments menu>Fee Schedule Listing. Note: You will only have access to the Regence fee schedule(s) for the network(s) for which you are contracted.

You can still access reimbursement schedules in Payer Spaces, including those prior to January 1, 2020, as you do today. This app is an additional tool to make it easier to obtain fee information.

Learn more by watching a short, 3-minute demo available on the Availity Portal, availity.com: Help & Training>Get Trained>Catalog>Fee Schedules – Training Demo.

Additional features, noted below, will be added later this year and shared in future issues of our provider newsletter, The Connection:

• Dental schedules
• COVID-19 pricing
• Non-standard schedules
• Contracted/negotiated schedules
• Second quarter medication pricing


BlueCard claims reminder: Include correct place of service

When submitting 837P BlueCard claims for services provided at a walk-in retail health clinic, use POS 17 to ensure the correct benefit is applied and the claim is paid correctly. Do not use Office (11) or Urgent Care Facility (20).

Learn more about filing BlueCard claims.


Provider Contact Center phone prompt changes

To reduce provider call wait times, beginning March 10, 2020, we are changing the phone prompts heard when calling our Provider Contact Center. This change will allow you to be quickly assigned to the correctly trained associate instead of being assigned into a general queue. When calling the Provider Contact Center, please choose from the following prompts:

  • For questions regarding dental, press 2
  • For pre-authorization questions, including whether a service requires pre-authorization, press 3
  • For claims or eligibility information, not including pre-authorization, press 4
  • For questions regarding mental health and/or chemical dependency, press 5

For calls not related to any of the above, remain on the line to be placed into the general queue. Please note that pressing 1 will replay the prompt menu.