Provider onboarding

Thank you for your interest in joining our provider networks. We contract with physicians, pharmacists, other health care professionals and facilities to form provider networks essential for the delivery of health care services to our members. By contracting with us:

  • Claims payments made directly to you on a weekly basis
  • You are listed in our provider directory, Find a doctor
  • Our members have financial incentives to see you for their care
  • You are invited to provide input on our medical and reimbursement policies
  • We have dedicated teams and resources available to help you and your staff

Dentists and dental professionals

Visit for onboarding and contracting information, manuals and guides, online services including electronic funds transfer enrollment, resources and who to contact for help.

Ready to get started?

The following tasks are required as part of the onboarding process for physicians, other health care professionals and facilities. Incomplete tasks will result in cancellation of credentialing, onboarding and contracting processes.

1. Apply for credentialing

All providers must be credentialed before they can participate in our networks. Use our checklist and submit a credentialing application to get started.

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2. Register for Availity

An Availity Essentials account is required to access eligibility, benefits and claims-related information for most members; to enroll for electronic funds transfer (EFT), submit pre-authorizations. provider appeals, claims attachments and more.

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3. Enroll for EFT

We require claims to be submitted electronically, and all claim payments be received via EFT. We are unable to credential and onboard providers with incomplete EFT enrollment.

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4. Submit tax documents

We are required to verify your legal business name for claims payment and tax purposes. Fax your CP 575 or 147C letter to 1 (888) 335-3002.

Use the Onboarding Tracker

The Onboarding Tracker provides your status for credentialing, contracting and EFT enrollment at a glance. Want to check the status of your credentialing application? Use the Onboarding Tracker, available on Availity Essentials: Payer Spaces.

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Sign your agreement documents

If you are not joining an existing group, agreement documents will need to be signed to complete the onboarding process. Your legal contract signatory will be notified by email when documents are ready for review and signature via DocuSign.

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Add or update your electronic contracting email.

Note your participation date

Within 10 business days of signing your agreement document, you will receive an email that confirms your participation on our network(s) and includes your effective date of participation. If you are joining an existing agreement for a contracted tax ID, you will not have to sign agreement documents. The tax ID owner will be notified of your network participation date. Our participation effective date guide explains this process.

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Stay informed

Quickly learn about changes that impact your office, view summaries of monthly changes, access issues of our newsletter or bulletin and subscribe to receive communications.

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View reimbursement schedules

Reimbursement schedules and other pricing documents are available to contracted providers after logging into Availity Essentials: Claims & Payments>Fee Schedules>Fee Schedule Listing.

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Send attachments electronically

Get setup to receive requests and send medical records via the Availity attachments application. It’s the fastest, secure and easy way so submit documentation.

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Verify your information

It is critical for us to have accurate information about your practice to ensure our members can find you in our provider directories and contact you for timely access to care. Contracted providers are required to validate their practice information every 90 days. Quickly verify your information and notify us of changes.

Bookmark our tools

Administrative Manual

Our manual includes procedural, dental and medical policy information, and contractual requirements and responsibilities. It is a helpful day-to-day reference for your staff.

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Find support

Our Self-Service Tool is available to you online, 24/7. The tool helps you make the most out of partnering with us. Quickly find the answers to frequently asked questions or navigate our website resources and tools.

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Compliance training

View required Medicare compliance training and use our tools to ensure you meet obligations under our government compliance program.

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Useful plan information

This guide provides a helpful overview to our programs, requirements, resources, policies and guidelines.

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We're here for you

We're here for you

Our dedicated Onboarding Team is here to support you every step of the way through the onboarding process. You can find their contact information in the emails you receive after you submit a credentialing application.