BlueCard® Program pre-authorization

Participating facilities are required to obtain pre-authorization or pre-certification for inpatient admissions for BlueCard members from the member's Plan in accordance with each member's Plan requirements.


  • Pre-authorization or pre-certification must be received by the member's Plan within 24 hours after the actual weekday admission (or by 5:00 p.m. local time on the next business day, if 24 hour notification would require notification on a weekend or a federal holiday).
  • The member's Plan must be notified of any changes or modifications to a pre-service review for out-of-area BlueCard members within 48 hours or within 72 hours for emergent/urgent admissions when the length of an inpatient hospital stay extends past the previously approved length of stay.
  • Failure to obtain a pre-authorization or pre-certification for required inpatient admissions occurring or failure to notify member's Plan of modifications to a pre-service review will result in claim non-payment for services provided by the facility and is a write-off.
  • The member must be held harmless and cannot be balance-billed if the above pre-authorization or pre-certification requirements have not been followed.

Determining pre-authorization or pre-certification requirements for BlueCard members

Pre-authorization or pre-certification contact information for a member's Plan is provided on the BlueCard member's identification card. Pre-authorization or pre-certification requirements for a particular member can be determined electronically, online or by phone.


  • Use the Electronic Authorizations application on Availity Essentials. The application uses Electronic Provider Access (EPA) to securely route you to an out-of-area member's Blue Plan’s provider portal or website for access to electronic pre-service review capabilities.
  • Use our online tool to be automatically routed to the home plan's pre-authorization/pre-certification requirements. Launch the tool.


Call BlueCard Eligibility at 1 (800) 676-BLUE (2583). You will be asked for the member's prefix and the type of service for which you are calling:

  • Medical/surgical
  • Behavioral health
  • Diagnostic imaging/radiology
  • Durable medical equipment (DME)

Upon making your selection, you will be connected to the appropriate Blue Plan.

Electronic inquiry

Submit an ANSI 278 transaction (referral/authorization) to Regence. Most BlueCard electronic inquiries are answered within 48-72 hours (Monday through Friday during regular office hours).

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