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Dental products

Learn more about our dental benefits for preventive and diagnostic services, as well as restorative and major services and coverage.

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Vision Service Plan

We partner with Vision Service Plan® (VSP) for routine vision examinations and eye wear for our group, Individual and Medicare Advantage products, including the pediatric vision benefit on our Affordable Care Act (ACA) metallic medical products.

Learn how to identify members, submit vision claims or contract with VSP.


TriWest has a contract to administer the Community Care Network (CCN) in Region 4, which includes 16 western states. The CCN contract enhances access to health care services for veterans by making a quality provider network available close to the veteran's home. This contract ensures veterans receive coordinated, high-quality care in their community when the VA refers veterans to behavioral health and specialty care network providers.

TriWest is honored to be awarded the contract to administer the U.S. Department of Defense’s next generation TRICARE program, known as “T-5,” for its 26-state West Region territory. Health care delivery begins January 1, 2025.

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VSP is a separate and independent company that provides routine vision examinations and eye wear for Regence members.