Investing in our communities

As Regence has grown, so has our commitment to the communities we serve, including individuals, families, employees, nonprofit partners and more. Throughout the year, our generous Regence employees volunteer their time and resources to support both personal causes as well as company-sponsored efforts. This includes 11,300 employee volunteer hours in 2022.

Our corporate foundation, Cambia Health Foundation, plays a critical role as well through its strategic investments – advancing whole-person care models at every stage of life to build a just and inclusive health care system for all. In 2022, a total of $9.3 million in philanthropic investments were made through our corporate foundation.

Regence employees are also empowered through our corporate foundation to amplify their giving to community partners through employee-donation matching, board service, volunteer rewards and other opportunities. We look forward to deepening this impact and helping our communities for many years to come.

Making an impact through local partnerships

Being local means more to us than just an address. It's understanding the communities we're a part of and actively supporting the organizations and programs that keep those communities healthy. Community partner organizations are an important part of our community giving efforts. Each year, local nonprofits are chosen based on how well they match the goals and ideals of our Cause of transforming health care.

Community partner organizations get support through financial grants, board member involvement, featured placement in our annual Employee Giving Campaign, and volunteer support from our employees. This combination of funding, leadership and helping hands works to strengthen these organizations and our communities.