More ways to get care & support

We’re committed to removing barriers to mental health care so it’s quicker and easier for your employees to get support. To do this, we continue to add behavioral health providers to our networks. Plus, with options like virtual therapy for both general and specialized needs, built-in support through our Employee Assistance Program, self-guided support tools and more, our behavioral health resources are more accessible.

Here’s what we offer

Virtual therapy

From the comfort and privacy of home, your employees can get care from a range of virtual mental health providers. They offer treatment for mental health conditions, substance use disorders, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, youth and teen mental health issues and more.

Employee Assistance Program

Give your employees a helping hand during life’s rough patches with our Employee Assistance Program. From relationship issues to anxiety to financial stress, this program puts professional help in your employees’ hands, including counseling sessions and 24-hour crisis help.

One-on-one care management

Make it easier for employees with chronic or acute health challenges to get the specialized care they need for their mental and physical health. With a single behavioral health clinician guiding them, they’ll have an advocate with a holistic view of their health.

Self-guided support tools

Our workplace wellness program, Regence Empower™, helps employees take simple steps toward better health, so they can reach their well-being goals. Other self-guided resources support emotional health and address issues, such as stress, depression, sleep and more.

24/7 nurse advice

With our 24/7 nurse line, your employees can connect with a dedicated nurse in real time to answer their medical or mental health questions. Employees can get advice on next steps and where they should go to get the appropriate level of care.

The connection between physical & mental health

“Behavioral health really drives underlying chronic medical conditions. And there’s good research here that depression, anxiety, and especially substance use disorder can really drive poor outcomes and increase cost for chronic medical conditions like coronary artery disease, diabetes, COPD and asthma.”

– Dr. Mike Franz, Regence senior medical director for behavioral health

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Let’s talk

Keeping employee mental health top of mind is key to a successful business. That’s why Regence supports your workforce with best-in-class behavioral health coverage and solutions through industry-leading providers and digital partners. Reach out to your producer to learn more or contact us.