Support your team with the Employee Assistance Program

Your employees are juggling a lot these days. From relationship issues and anxiety to financial stress, they might need extra support from time to time. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) puts professional help in their hands, including free short-term counseling sessions, peer group support and 24-hour crisis help—all at no additional cost to them.

In a job seeker’s market, we know there’s extra pressure on you to keep and hire top talent. That’s why it’s so important to offer whole-person health benefits that really matter to employees—like EAP benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the EAP or take a look at our group health insurance plans.

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Whether your employees prefer face-to-face counseling or the convenience of virtual appointments, the EAP offers a variety of services to support their mental health.

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Confidential counseling

Up to four, six, or eight short-term in-person or virtual sessions for relationship issues, anxiety, work stress and other challenges

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24-hour crisis help

Toll-free access to a 24/7 help line during crisis situations for members

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Expert Advice

Members can submit questions at any time and receive advice from Master’s-level clinicians or experts in law, finance or family matters.



Whatever your employees’ families look like—from toddlers to teens to aging parents—the EAP has resources to support everyone.

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Child care

Support locating local resources for parenting, adoption, college planning, teenager challenges, summer camps, day care and other issues for parents


Adult and elder care

Specialists who help find information on transportation, meals, exercise programs, activities, in-home care, daytime care, housing and more


Personal Advantage

Life-balance tools that offer interactive resources for solving and preventing a range of personal problems



Knowing where to start with legal or financial guidance can be confusing. With the EAP, your employees have the tools to get on the right path.

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Legal help

A half-hour consultation at no additional cost, plus 25% discount if more time or in-person representation is needed


Online legal forms

Resources to help employees create, save, print and revise online legal forms, including wills, contracts, leases and many more

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Consultations for personal, family and non-work-related issues, such as divorce

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Financial help

Unlimited phone consultations for debt counseling, budgeting, college/retirement planning and taxes at no additional cost


Identity theft recovery

Support in restoring identity and credit for employees after they experience an identity theft incident



The EAP supports your business with a variety of onsite sessions, plus resources for supervisors who need support dealing with workplace issues.


Supervisor resources

Information on how to resolve workplace issues and performance problems, unlimited supervisor consultations, and toll-free supervisor access to clinical managers, supervisor manuals, referral forms and other tools

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On-site sessions

Critical incident stress debriefings, employee orientations about how to use the EAP, and on-site trainings on workplace topics such as violence, sexual harassment and burnout prevention

How does the EAP work?

  • The EAP is embedded for small groups and is a low-cost buy-up option for 51+ fully insured and self-funded groups. For confidential counseling sessions, groups with 51-100 employees can purchase four sessions per incident, and groups with 101+ employees can purchase four, six or eight sessions per incident at no cost-share.

  • The EAP is available to employees, their dependents and anyone in their household, whether or not they are plan members. Many of the services do not cost anything for employees and family members.

  • The EAP is provided by ComPsych® GuidanceResources®. Employees can access tools, wellness resources, online trainings and more at, where they’ll need to enter the unique access code for your business. Or, they can sign in to their account for information on accessing resources. If employees have questions, they can always reach out to Regence Customer Service.

Aside from the EAP, we offer a full scope of behavioral and mental health support options. Learn more about our behavioral health offerings or explore our group health insurance plans.

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ComPsych GuidanceResources is a separate company that provides employee and beneficiary assistance programs.