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Announcing the Regence app!

The Regence app is ready and waiting for your employees to download, available for both iPhone and Android. Employees can check their claims, show their member ID cards and look for doctors—it's fast and convenient!

They can sign in with their existing Regence account or create a new account from the app. The app supports fingerprint security for sign in.

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The dashboard gives your employees a quick look at their deductibles and out-of-pocket max. They can send secure messages to Customer Service, or tap to call us. They can also find a nearby doctor, hospital or clinic in their network.

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Member ID card

If an employee loses a member card or leaves it at home, they don't need to worry. It's always on the app, ready to show at their next doctor's appointment.

After an employee views the card on the app the first time, it's stored so that they can access it even when not connected.

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Claims and benefits

The app gives your employees quick access to see the status of claims, plus EOB statements, which show details about each visit. Your employees can tap Benefits to get info about copays, deductibles and coinsurance. They can even download their benefits booklet.

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Try it yourself! Download our app.


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