Jared Short, Regence President, Health Insurance Services

One of our most valuable assets is our good name: Regence. Our members trust us to be good stewards of their premium dollars and we trust our fellow employees to be honest, fair and courageous about standing up for what's right. This is critical when making decisions that affect our members, our communities and each other. In a world where headlines report unethical behavior by businesses, institutions, politicians and celebrities, our collective ethical compass is often put to the test.

Yet life is complicated. Sometimes the right thing to do isn't crystal clear. Sometimes our hearts tell us something different after we have more information. And sometimes the situation we face is so different from any we've encountered before that we can't rely just on what's in our hearts. Our ethics officers help employees sort through these dilemmas and work with the public. We have rules, processes and guidelines to point us in the right direction. Our Code of Business Conduct (PDF)  includes some of these, and I encourage management throughout Regence to discuss ethical dilemmas on a regular basis.

Ethics don't apply just to the big things. We flex our ethical judgment in personal decisions every day: Do we lie about our age to get a discount? Do we point out a billing error in our favor? Do we fudge on our taxes? Do we bootleg music or movies? Each time we do the right thing, we strengthen our ethical mettle so we are ready for the bigger calls.

Ethical behavior is so important to us that we have built a robust organizational framework to foster it. Our objective is to ensure that ethics, trust and integrity form the basis for all behavior at Regence. We trust that this commitment will be transparent in the way we daily interact with our members and business partners.