BCBS FEP COVID-19 updates

Updated on November 19, 2020

The Federal Employee Program (FEP) is committed to ensuring Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program® (BCBS FEP®) members can swiftly and easily access the right care at the right time during this pandemic.

Included below is information about the changes FEP is making to support BCBS FEP members and providers. We will continue to update this page to make sure you have the latest information about how FEP is supporting you and BCBS FEP members during this time.

In addition, the FEP COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Center includes information about the disease and coverage commitment.

Telehealth options

Telehealth services provided by in-network providers (non-Teladoc providers) are covered for BCBS FEP members, until further notice.

  • For claims to process correctly and for you to receive reimbursement consistent with an in-office visit, you must use:
    • The place of service (POS) where the services would have normally occurred (excluding POS 02).
    • Modifier 95 to indicate that the services were rendered via telehealth
  • FEP will also cover the following telehealth-specific procedure codes when billed by participating or preferred providers: 99091, 99421-99423, 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, 98970- 98972, 99441- 99443, 98966-98968, G0406-G0408, G0425-G0427, G2010, G2012, G2061-G2063 and Q3014.


BCBS FEP members can receive telehealth services from Teladoc.

  • Benefits are currently available for minor acute conditions, behavioral health, dermatology care and nutritional counseling.
  • BCBS FEP members’ telehealth benefit is specific to Teladoc and their contracted providers.
  • Until further notice, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, member cost share will be waived for all telehealth services received through the Teladoc network.

Teladoc providers:

  • Can prescribe 30-day medication refills for chronic conditions when medically appropriate
  • Can prescribe a maximum refill of 90 days
  • Continue to evaluate the clinical appropriateness, consider patient safety and the use of professional judgement when approving any refill requests
  • Will perform a full consult and review the member’s medical history, if a Teladoc provider was not the initial prescriber

Members can access visit Teladoc’s website or call 1 (855) 636-1579 to receive services.

Caring for members

Care at skilled nursing facility or residential treatment centers

  • BCBS FEP members may receive care at an out-of-network provider for medically necessary skilled nursing facility care or residential treatment centers if there is not availability at an in-network provider.

Hospital pre-authorization

  • Pre-authorization is waived for medically necessary acute and non-acute hospital admissions related to COVID-19 for BCBS FEP members.

Prior approvals

  • If you received approval for your patient's elective inpatient admission or outpatient elective services and the services are delayed, we will extend the prior approval for these services. Please contact us to request an extension of your expiring prior approval request.
  • If you received approval for your patient's services through the Advanced Benefit Determination (ABD) process and your patient's services are delayed, we will extend approval for the ABD. Please contact us to request an extension of your expiring ABA request.

Behavioral health resources

  • FEP BCBS members can receive help managing stressors brought on by COVID-19 through a subset of Livongo’s Mental Wellness program, myStrength.
  • The offering is available to all BCBS FEP members though December 31, 2020, and includes:
    • Strategies to manage heightened stress
    • Tips for parenting during challenging times
    • Ideas to manage social isolation
    • Other information for emotional support
  • Members can register on myStrength’s COVID-19 and Mental Wellness page and send questions about the program to customerservice@mystrength.com.

COVID-19 testing and treatment

  • FEP will waive the pre-authorization requirement and member cost-share for COVID-19 testing, regardless of the outcome of the test (positive or negative). FEP will only cover testing claims for COVID-19 if the appropriate codes are used.
  • FEP will waive the member cost-share for COVID-19 treatment. FEP will cover COVID-19 related claims using the CDC coding guidelines, including the diagnosis codes: Z03.818 or Z20.828.
  • FEP will waive the cost share for prescriptions for up to a 14-day supply.

Medication refills

BCBS FEP members:

  • Can receive early medication refills for 30-day prescription maintenance medications
  • Have access to a 90-day mail order benefit for prescription medications for CVS Caremark or AllianceRx Walgreens Prime.

Teladoc providers can prescribe medications. See the Teladoc section above for more information.

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