Electronic authorizations

  1. Find out if a procedure code or level of care requires pre-authorization
  2. Submit your request quickly and easily
  3. Check the status of submitted requests
  4. View pre-authorization determination letters
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This service currently does not apply to pharmacy, physical medicine, sleep medicine or radiology services.

Status check

Check the status of pre-authorization requests you have submitted or have been named in via the electronic authorization tool using the Auth/Referral Dashboard. Some of your requests may be approved the same day!

  1. Facilities and service providers can check the status of any pre-authorization requests submitted on Availity Essentials (on which they are named). Service providers may include primary care providers (PCPs), treating providers or admitting, attending and operating providers, in addition to facilities and independent laboratories.
  2. Providers can identify what episode of care is being requested for home health care pre-authorizations for Medicare Advantage members:

  • First episode of care (which doesn't require pre-authorization)
  • Subsequent episode of care (all of which do require pre-authorization)

The drop-down list is required and will appear only when Home Health Care is selected as the service type. Simply select whether the home health care is the first episode of care or a subsequent episode.

Pre-authorization and benefits check

The authorization tool checks whether most outpatient services and the provider are covered on the patient's plan at the same time the tool checks whether services require pre-authorization. It also checks to see if the service or inpatient level of care is:

  • Excluded from coverage
  • Doesn't need pre-authorization
  • Needs pre-authorization by Regence
  • Needs pre-authorization through a vendor partner (e.g., Carelon Medical Benefits Management [Carelon] or eviCore)

You'll receive an authorization response when your request is received. The response includes the certification/reference number and status. Print the response page or write down the certification/reference number for your records. This response page will not be accessible on Availity Essentials after you navigate away from the page; however, status of your request is available 24/7 on the Auth/Referral Dashboard.

Direct clinical information reviews (MCG Health)

The electronic authorization tool will automatically route you to the Cite Auto Authorization tool for select procedure codes and allows you to submit documentation of specific clinical criteria for your patient. If all criteria are met, you will be able to see the approval on the Auth/Referral Dashboard soon after you click submit.

View the Medical Policies Available for Electronic Authorization and Routing to the Cite Auto Authorization Tool list to see if your codes may be automatically approved through this process:

This list will be available for Federal Employee Plan Blue Focus, Basic Option and Standard Option Plans soon. Some Medicare medical policies are included in the Cite Auto-Authorization Tool; You can submit electronic authorizations for these three Medicare medical policies:

  • Oscillatory Devices for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis and Other Respiratory Conditions (Medicare Durable Medical Equipment #45)
  • Pneumatic Compression Devices (Medicare Durable Medical Equipment #78)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Treatment of Depression and Other Disorders (Medicare Medical #148)

MCG Health technical specifications:

Please make sure you do the following:

  • Use a supported internet browser:
    • Internet Explorer 11 or later
    • Most recent version of Google Chrome
  • Enable the following browser settings:
    • Cookies enabled
    • JavaScript enabled
    • Pop-up blockers disabled
  • Add this web address to your 'trusted sites zone': https://cambiahealthcca.carewebqi.com


Supporting clinical documentation that is pertinent to the pre-authorization should be attached to the request and may include:

  • Chart notes
  • Treatment history
  • History and physical
  • Laboratory/radiology/test results
  • Current symptoms and/or functional impairments

Please do not submit password protected documents, as we cannot open them. The maximum file size is 60MB per document, and multiple documents up to 150MB. If the file size is larger and can't be separated, create a document with a note that the file will be faxed. Save the note as a PDF and attach it to the authorization request.

Auth/Referral Dashboard

Checking the status of an electronic pre-authorization request online is easy, there is no need to call or fax! Use the Auth/Referral Dashboard to view:

  • Pre-authorization determination letters
  • All request submitted, in-process or completed
  • The status (e.g., approved, denied, pending review) of each submitted request, including the individual status for requested services and/or inpatient levels of care. Note: Requests for services that should be submitted to one of our vendor partners, will show as incomplete.

Just select: Patient Registration>Authorizations & Referrals>Auth/Referral Dashboard, then click the case to refresh it and view the current status and details.

Get training

Providers have told us they had a better user experience using this tool after completing training.

Note: A quick reference guide is also available in the content section after you enroll in the authorization training on Availity Essentials. It includes instructions and screen shots to help walk you through the electronic authorization process.

Which pre-authorization requests can be submitted via this tool?

Electronic authorization requests and associated clinical documentation can be submitted for all medical pre-authorizations reviewed by Regence for the following Regence members:

  • Group and Individual
  • Uniform Medical Plan (UMP)
  • BCBS FEP (primary and secondary)
  • Medicare Advantage, except pre-service organization determinations which should be submitted using the current process
  • Pre-authorization of physical medicine services reviewed by our vendor partner, eviCore healthcare. Note: You can choose to be routed to eviCore from Availity’s electronic authorization tool via single sign on.
  • Pre-authorization of radiology services reviewed by our vendor partner, Carelon. Note: You can choose to be routed to Carelon from Availity’s electronic authorization tool via single sign-on.

What's not included

The following should not be submitted as an electronic authorization:

  • Pre-authorization of sleep medicine services reviewed by our vendor partner (Carelon); follow the current process
  • Pre-authorization requests for pharmacy, as well as injections and infusions that may be covered under the member's medical benefit. Review our pharmacy pre-authorization information and follow the current process of submitting these through CoverMyMeds
  • Referrals; no change to the current process
  • Retro authorizations; no change to the current process
  • Pre-authorizations for members in the BlueCard Program; follow the current process
  • Appeals of any kind, including but not limited to, pre-service and post-service reviews/appeals
  • Admission, discharge and transfer information; continue to follow the current process of submitting them through PreManage or your current process
  • Groups managed through our joint administration third‑party administrators (AmeriBen and Zenith American Solutions) follow the current process
  • Authorization requests for extension

Electronic authorizations

Use Availity's electronic authorization tool to determine whether pre-authorization is required for a medical service, submit your medical pre-authorization requests or view determination letters. There's no need to call or fax us; sign in on Availity Essentials to inquire and submit a request. It's quicker and more convenient for you.

Use the tool to:

  1. Find out immediately if a procedure code or level of care requires pre-authorization. Enter information and the tool will let you know if pre-authorization is required.
  2. If pre-authorization is required, continue and submit your request quickly and easily. You'll get confirmation of receipt and the status immediately.
  3. Check the status of pre-authorization requests you have submitted via the electronic authorization tool using the Auth/Referral Dashboard. Some of your requests may be approved the same day!

Our current pre-authorization requirements, guidelines and timeframes remain the same. Note: Contact the appropriate vendor to pre-authorize pharmacy (including injection or infusion), physical medicine, sleep medicine or radiology services. See which services cannot be authorized via this tool below.

Dental providers: Continue to submit dental predeterminations on Availity Essentials: Claims & Payments>Dental Claim>Claim Type: Predetermination. Our response will be sent to you via letter. Note: Predeterminations cannot be viewed on Availity Essentials.