You wouldn't buy a car or TV without comparing prices and shopping around. So, why should it be any different for health care?

Just like with cars and TVs, the price of health care can vary a lot depending on where you go. For instance, some imaging centers charge three to five times more than other locations. This can affect your wallet even if you have insurance. So, it makes good sense to compare your options—but it's not always easy to do that in health care.

The good news is that as a member, you can use Treatment Cost Estimator, a tool to help you compare prices of hospital stays, MRIs, surgeries, X-rays and more. With it, you can see how much medical services might cost depending on where you go.

Treatment Cost Estimator can:

  • Look up average out-of-pocket costs for common medical conditions, surgeries, tests and exams
  • Find and compare treatment options, facilities and providers
  • Alert you on options to save money
  • Highlight the option that would cost you the least

It's designed to help you avoid cost surprises when you and your doctor are making decisions. You also get insight into what to expect during your treatment, including how much time it takes for a procedure and recovery.

Best of all, the estimated costs are based on where you are in meeting your deductible and your out-of-pocket maximums. After you have the information you need, you can find top-rated medical facilities and talk with your doctor about the best treatment option for you.

Note: This tool is designed to provide you with estimates of charges for certain common procedures. Your actual costs may differ.

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