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It’s okay to ask for help. That’s why most Regence Individual and Family health plans come with the Individual Assistance Program (IAP). Find support for life’s challenges, including short-term confidential counseling, 24-hour crisis help, life-balance services and more - many at no extra charge.

Plus, our program can match you with a behavioral health support specialist in your network, and your first four sessions are available at no additional cost to you.

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Access tools and resources like webinars, monthly newsletters, assessments, self-directed courses, stress tools and healthy recipes through ComPsych. To use your benefits, you can sign in using the access code found on the flyer in your new member onboarding documents. You can also contact Customer Service for help.



Mental health is just as important as physical health. Whether you prefer face-to-face counseling or the convenience of secure text messaging, or need support right away, you’ll find a variety of insurance-covered therapy and counseling options here.

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Confidential counseling

Up to four counseling sessions (face-to-face, on the phone or video chat) for issues relating to relationships, anxiety, work stress and other common challenges.

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24-hour crisis help

Toll-free access during a crisis situation for members at 1 (800) 922-2687.

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Online consultations

Convenient access to online consultations with licensed counselors for relationship issues, anxiety, work stress and other challenges.

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Expert Advice

Members can submit questions at any time and receive advice from Master’s-level clinicians or experts in law, finance or family matters.



We all need extra support every now and then. Whatever your family looks like—from toddlers or teens to aging parents—the IAP has resources to assist everyone.

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Child care

Support and help locating local resources for parenting, school, adoption, college planning, teenager challenges, summer camps, day care and other important issues for parents.

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Adult and elder care

Specialists to help find information on transportation, meals, exercise programs, activities, in-home care, daytime care, housing and more.

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Personal Advantage

Life-balance tools that offer interactive resources for solving and preventing a range of personal problems.



Knowing where to start with legal or financial guidance can be confusing. With the IAP, you have the tools and assistance to get on the right path.

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Legal help

A half-hour consultation at no additional cost to you, plus a 25% discount if more time or in-person representation is needed.

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Online legal forms

Resources to help you create, save, print and revise online legal forms, including wills, contracts, leases and many more.

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Consultations for personal, family, and non-work-related issues, such as divorce.

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Financial help

Unlimited phone consultations for debt counseling, budgeting, college/retirement planning and taxes at no additional cost.

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Identity theft recovery

Support in restoring your identity and credit after an incident.

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Check your eligibility

As long as your Regence health plan includes the IAP, it’s accessible to you and anyone who’s living in your household or dependent on your income. You can learn more about our Individual and Family plans here.

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Get started

To find out more about the IAP and your behavioral health benefits, schedule a counseling appointment or get a referral for mental health services, call ComPsych at 1 (800) 922-2687 or visit their website.

IAP services are delivered by ComPsych® GuidanceResources®

ComPsych is a separate company that provides employee and beneficiary assistance programs for Regence members.