Keep your kids healthy

Whether you’re caring for a toddler or a teen, kids have different health needs than adults. From middle-of-the-night fevers to sudden skin rashes, Regence has your children’s health and wellness covered. To learn about your health insurance for kids and teens, sign in and view your benefits.

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Access no-cost preventive care

Make sure your kids get the care they need to grow up healthy. Regence health plans cover most in-network preventive care services at 100%. That includes well-baby visits, flu and measles vaccinations, and screenings for autism, vision, behavioral and developmental disorders at no cost to you.

Stay on track with well-child visits

Regular visits to the doctor help you check up on your child’s health and development. Find out all you need to know about well-child visits, including a schedule of exams and vaccinations.

Find support for ADHD

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of the most common behavioral health conditions affecting kids in the U.S. That’s why Regence health plans cover support for ADHD diagnosis, medications and more.

Know where to go

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Find a doctor

To find a doctor or clinic for your children, use our Find a Doctor tool. Be sure to sign in, so your results are based on your benefits.

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Get care now

From virtual health visits at all hours to urgent care clinics, you have options for your kids. Let us help you find the right care at the right time.

Prepare your college-bound kids

Make sure your kids know how to take care of their health when they venture out on their own. Whether it’s knowing how to use their health plan or booking a telehealth appointment, we have guidance.

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We’re here for you

If you have questions about your health care coverage for children, we’re here to help. Sign in and chat online or call us at the number on the back of your member ID card.