Learn about cancer resources

Managing cancer can be complex, but we’re here to help. Whether you’ve received a new diagnosis, or have questions about screenings or treatments, we can help you get the health coverage information and support you need. Sign in to see your specific benefits for cancer screenings, cancer diagnosis support and cancer care.

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Stay ahead with preventive screenings

Getting regular screenings can detect cancer early, so you can start treatment right away. Many cancer screenings are 100% covered by your Regence health plan when you go to an in-network provider.

Know breast cancer risks

Almost 99% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage live for five years or more. Learn more about why it’s important to know your risk factors and keep up with your exams and screenings.

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Care that honors quality of life

Palliative care is patient-centered, family-oriented care that supports you and your loved ones throughout all stages of a serious illness. Our palliative care team focuses on improving quality of life by providing relief from symptoms and stress.

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Emotional support and well-being

Cancer and treatments can take a toll on your mental health. Reach out for help finding a therapist to talk to, or check out Regence Empower™—which offers well-being resources on positive thinking, relaxation and more.

Check your coverage for medical supplies

Some plans include coverage for prostheses, wigs, wheelchairs and other Durable Medical Equipment associated with a cancer diagnosis. To find out what’s covered under your plan, sign in and review your Medical Benefit Booklet.

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We’re here for you

If you have questions about managing cancer care or treatments, we’re here to help. Sign in and chat online or call us at the number on the back of your member ID card.