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Stay covered, wherever you are

Traveling can be stressful, but with your Regence benefits, you can rest easy. Many plans offer coverage nationally and internationally.

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When you're in the United States

BlueCard® lets you travel comfortably, without worrying about what happens if you need health care while you're away. What is BlueCard? It's simple: As a Regence member, if your plan includes BlueCard coverage, your health care benefits work similarly to the way they work when you're at home. BlueCard gives you access to the largest network of doctors and hospitals nationally—and you don't need a referral to get health care.

How do you know if you have BlueCard? Grab your member ID card (or pull it up on the Regence app), and look for the small suitcase icon, usually near the bottom right. If you don't see it, or you're still not sure, call the Customer Service number on the back of your card, or contact us.

To find a BlueCard doctor or hospital, visit or the Regence app and access the Find a Doctor tool. Sign in to your Regence account to find in-network doctors. Don't have a account? Register, or access the Quick Search, where you can select the National network and choose the appropriate BlueCard National network based on your coverage.

You can also call 1 (800) 810-BLUE at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or use the National Doctor and Hospital Finder to find covered doctors.

When you receive services, be sure to present your member ID card. After you receive care, you shouldn't need to complete any claims forms, or pay up front for any services outside the usual out-of-pocket expenses. Later, you'll receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from Regence as usual.

When you're abroad

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core is a program that puts you in contact with health care professionals, hospitals and medical assistance when traveling or living outside the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Prior to your trip, call Customer Service or email us to get information about your international coverage. Visit Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core or download their app to see if there's an in-network hospital at your destination. Present your member ID card when you get care, and in most cases you shouldn't need to pay up front for inpatient services. 

However, for outpatient care or care that isn't arranged through Global Core, you may need to pay the doctor or hospital up front. After paying, complete an international claim form and send it to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core Service Center.

Note: Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core® is not a Regence company.

International travel checklist

When you're off to a different country, there are a few things you can do before you leave—so you have all the info you need, when you need it:

Locate hospitals before you go

Check out the area around where you're staying and find the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core doctors or hospitals. Note their locations and phone numbers and download the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core mobile app.

Look up travel alerts

Review the U.S. State Department website for any alerts or warnings for where you're headed. If you have some time before your trip, you might think about subscribing to STEP alerts. Read any notices from the U.S. Embassy in your destination. A notice recently issued by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico advises travelers on hospitals in Los Cabos.

When in doubt, write it down

It's important to remember that in some countries, you may not be able to access U.S. websites like So be sure to have all the information you need handy, in case you can't sign in.

Not covered under your plan?

Don't worry if your benefits don't include international coverage. You can always purchase travel health insurance or medical evacuation insurance in addition to your existing plan. If you're traveling internationally, GeoBlue® has single-trip and annual options to keep you and your family protected from unexpected medical expenses while you're away. Learn more about GeoBlue.