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Skip the waiting room and avoid germs

With your Regence health plan, you can access convenient care-on-demand options like telehealth, which lets you have virtual doctor visits for routine medical care from the comfort of home. These doctors can’t treat COVID-19, but they can help assess symptoms and figure out what you need. In some areas, urgent care home visits are available for non-COVID-19 concerns like strains, sprains or stitches. Sign in to learn more.

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When to use telehealth

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For non-emergency care

Telehealth is a good option for when you need medical attention, but not ER or urgent care. It also can work well for therapy appointments. Learn more about telehealth for mental health treatment

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Help yourself and others

Telehealth can help you stay safe and minimize the spread of infection. It can also ease today’s unprecedented demand on providers and urgent care centers.

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When you're looking to save

Telehealth is cost-effective, too. Most doctors charge less for a telehealth visit than an in-person visit.

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Care for over 50 common health conditions

Telehealth can provide treatment for many conditions affecting the mind and body. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Mental health: Depression, anxiety and ADHD
  • Flu, coughs and bronchitis
  • Sinus infections
  • Urinary tract infections (for women)
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How do I know if I'm covered?

If you're a Regence member, sign in to see what care-on-demand options are available to you. Or, contact us to see what’s covered by your plan.

If you're not a Regence member, ask your doctor about telehealth to find out about your options.

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Member story: Tami

A Regence member, Tami, woke up with pink eye. She decided to use telehealth and talk to a doctor from her home. "I needed to take care of it right away, but didn't want to deal with the wait time at the ER—or an expensive bill." Within minutes, the doctor diagnosed Tami and sent a prescription right to her local pharmacy. Tami's bill for the appointment? Under $50.