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Regence health plans make it easy to get care. Whether you want to find a primary care provider for routine care or need a quick virtual care appointment, we’ll help you access the care you need.

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On-demand care

You’re not feeling well and your doctor’s office is closed. Should you go to urgent care? The ER? Wait it out? It’s hard to know what to do. Get to know your options below, so you can plan ahead for the next time you need immediate care.

To check out the care options available to you, sign in to your account. You can connect to on-demand care or use our provider search tool to find nearby urgent care clinics and facilities in your network. If you have any questions, you can always call us at the number on the back of your member ID card.

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Your costs for care can depend a lot on things like whether you’ve met your deductible or if your health plan has copays. Get a refresher on health insurance basics and terms to know.

Health insurance 101
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Your health care journey

Everyone’s journey is different, and you deserve a personalized health care experience. We’ll help you find care specific to you—whether that’s women’s health, men’s health, kids’ health or LGBTQ+ health.

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Special conditions

When you’re dealing with serious or chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer or substance misuse, you need extra support. Resources like our Care Management program can provide the guidance you need.

Explore more options

Whether you need to see a doctor during a road trip or want to visit an acupuncturist for allergies, you can access care that fits your life and your budget.

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Travel coverage

Need care while traveling? You can use your virtual care benefits from anywhere. Plus, as a Regence member, your plan includes BlueCard®. This means you have access to the largest network of doctors and hospitals throughout the country.

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Alternative care

Acupuncture, massage and other forms of alternative care can complement traditional medical treatments. They also offer another option if you’re not getting the desired results from traditional medicine. Your health plan may cover some of these therapies.

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Health care centers

When you need to schedule a test, surgery or procedure, you can choose from a variety of health care facilities. Where you go can determine how long your stay will be and how much you’ll pay. Learn about your care center options.

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We’re here for you

Need help finding walk-in clinics in your network or want to know all of your medical care options? Sign in and chat online or call us at the number on the back of your member ID card.

DispatchHealth is a separate company that provides in-home care services.