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You have options for your care

Your doctor helps to determine your treatment, but you have choices that can affect your health, your care experience and your budget. Regence is here to help. We have collected powerful information and tools to help you know before you go to make smart decisions about your care. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our award-winning Customer Service team is committed to helping you.

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Start with these tips

Know whom

Choose an in-network provider

Regence contracts with doctors, hospitals, labs, clinics and pharmacies. These are the providers in your network. Each provider has agreed to accept your plan's contracted rate as payment for services. Their costs are usually lower than out-of-network providers, and they also agree to file claims for you and not bill you for charges beyond this set price.

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Know why

An urgent care center may be a better choice than the emergency room

Unless you are experiencing dangerous or life-threatening symptoms, an urgent care center may be a good option for after-hours care. The wait time at urgent care averages only 20 minutes, vs. four hours or more at the emergency room. Your out-of-pocket cost—through copays or coinsurance—may also be lower.

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Know where

Need to have surgery? Having a baby?

Where you go for treatment can greatly affect how much you will pay for care and the type of care you can expect. Learn about your options for medical procedures like surgery or childbirth. Read more.

Know what

Preventive care—bonus benefits in your benefits

Many preventive services—like yearly checkups, cancer screenings and vaccines—are included in your Regence insurance at no extra cost to you, and they help protect your health. Learn more about why preventive care is important to your health.

Know how

Save on prescriptions

Managing your prescription costs starts with understanding your health plan's drug list (also called the formulary). We can help you understand what a formulary is and how to use one in order to plan for your drug costs and get the best value. Read more.

Cost & value tools

Icon of calculator for cost & value tools

Cost estimator

Learn about costs before you seek care. (Requires sign in.)

icon of prescription bottle for pharmacy benefits and formulary

Pharmacy benefits and formulary

Get a list of the drugs and costs covered by your plan.

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Find a doctor

Search for providers and read patient reviews. Sign in to see doctors covered by your plan.

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Preventive care

Be sure to get all the benefits fully covered by your plan.