Blue Cross Blue Shield Axis® (BCBS Axis®)  is a national effort by Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plans (Blue Plans) across the country to assist members in navigating the health care delivery system. Regence, along with other Blue Plans, is providing estimated total cost information for some of the most common, elective services at:

  • Hospitals
  • Imaging centers
  • Ambulatory surgery centers

Blue Plan members can view cost estimates for over 1600 treatment categories, including:

  • New inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic treatment categories
  • New physician-specific office-based treatments, office visits, immunizations and laboratory services (office visit costs are regional averages rather than physician-specific)

Members can access the average network cost ranges for a variety of common, elective treatment options and conditions, including:

  • Facility
  • Professional
  • Ancillary procedures

Cost Estimator

Members and employers consistently seek greater transparency of costs to plan for expenses and to have greater predictability of what to expect in their treatments. To support this, we offer our members our Cost estimator tool. Our Cost Estimator shows network average cost estimates on common treatments, based on regional averages.