Claims and payment

Learn how to identify our members' coverage,
easily submit claims and receive payment for
services and supplies.
  • BlueCard Program

    Identify BlueCard members, verify eligibility and submit claims for out-of-area patients.

  • Identifying members

    Easily identify the kind of coverage our members have.

  • Claims submission

    Learn more about billing and how to submit claims to us for payment, including claims for Federal Employee Program® (FEP® ) members.

  • Coding toolkit

    View our clinical edits and model claims editing or learn more about global periods, maximum allowed units for procedure codes, unlisted codes and NCCI bypass modifiers.

  • Receiving payment

    We know it is essential for you to receive payment promptly. Learn more about our payment and dispute (appeals) processes.

  • Electronic transactions

    Electronic transactions include sending and receiving information electronically between trading partners – clients and vendors. Learn more about electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic remittance advice (ERA) and electronic claim attachments, or contact EDI Support for assistance.