Contracting & credentialing

Our members have access to care from a broad network of providers and facilities. Ready to join our networks? We make it easy with our onboarding resources.

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Credentialing status

We’re now processing credentialing applications submitted on or before October 20, 2021. Completion of the credentialing process takes 30 to 60 days. View your credentialing status in Payer Spaces on the Availity Provider Portal.

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Why contract with Regence?

By joining our networks:

  • Claim payments are made directly to you on a weekly basis.
  • You are listed in our provider directory, Find a doctor.
  • Our members have financial incentives to see you for their care.
  • You are invited to provide input on our policies.
  • We have dedicated teams and resources available to help you and your staff.

Learn more about contracting, signing agreement documents and determining your participation effective date.

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Provider types

Review our list of provider types to determine if we contract with your specialty and if our networks are open to participation.

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Provider networks

Learn more about our provider networks and the members our networks support.

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Resources and tools

Identify members

Quickly identify members and the type of coverage they have

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Claims and payment

How to submit claims and quickly receive payment

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Compliance training

View annual compliance training requirements

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Locum tenens

Learn about assigning and billing for locum tenens providers

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VBA resources

View attribution methodology and quality program information

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