Lets make sure youre up to date on your vaccines

Are you due for any vaccinations? Keeping up with routine immunizations is the best way to protect yourself and your family from many preventable diseases. Take a look at the list of vaccines your Regence plan covers at 100% when you go to an in-network provider.

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Cut your Rx costs

Did you know prescription costs can vary by pharmacy? With your Regence account, you can find the best in-network choice for your wallet and your health.

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Whether you need to find a virtual or in-person therapist in your network or see what your plan covers, we can help. Check out our mental and behavioral health resources.

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Individual & family plans

See how our affordable Regence plans offer coverage, access and convenience—so you can live your best.

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Medicare plans

Find the right fit for your next chapter with top-rated coverage and care you can trust.

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Employer plans

Learn how our innovative solutions can help your employees live healthier, while helping you manage your costs.

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Our award-winning Customer Service team is made of compassionate people who care. We’re empathetic, reliable and tenacious, too. We stay on top of issues until they’re resolved.